At Seacrest Medical Centre we provide a comprehensive range of family medical services with an attention on quality care delivered in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We can assist you with:

Aged Care
Allergy Desensitisation
Blepharoplasty (eyelids)
Carpal Tunnel Release
Careplans for chronic disease management
Diving Medicals
Driving medicals
Emergency Medicine
Fracture Management (Plaster of Paris or Fiberglass)
Hearing Assessments (Audiometry and Tympanometry)
Health Assessments (over 75)
Hormone implants


Hospice Care
Joint injections
Lung function Testing
Men’s Health
Occupational Medicine
Paediatric Medicine
Pre-employment medicals
Sports medicine
Superannuation Medicals
Travel Medicine
Vaccinations (children, adults, influenza and travel, including Yellow Fever)
Varicose vein ligation and Sclerotherapy
Women’s Health
Wedge resections (toenails, eyelids, ears, lips, nose)